Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Through the magic of a growth mindset

What if, as a leader, you could transform yourself and those you lead to create happier and more successful experiences in and out of work?

Are you ready to learn how to:
  • Reframe Obstacles as Opportunities for Growth
  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset
  • Foster Resilience within yourself & those you lead
  • Grow Personal Leadership for work and life satisfaction

By transforming our mindsets it’s possible to accelerate individual and organizational success. Frances’ methods, based on current research, professional and personal experience, are the keys to transform any obstacle into an opportunity.

About Frances

Self esteem – with it anything is possible, without it – almost nothing. Frances’ personal and professional journey is the ultimate teacher of how transforming our mindset & personal leadership, changes everything.
I have worked with Frances in a variety of capacities over the past twenty years. I have found her to be consistently creative and forward-thinking. Her strong business sense is enhanced by excellent people skills and an indefatigible sense of humour, likely arising from her genuine appreciation for humanity, warts and all. Elizabeth Traynor

Labour & Employment Lawyer, Partner at Siskinds LLP

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