As we approach the end of 2016 I can proudly say that I have successfully completed my first year of writing for the blog,and achieved a whole lot of learning.

Enough writing to generate a top 10 list and more importantly the chance to learn how to give you information and ideas that will help you. .

My goal in starting this blog was to answer each week, how to help others find their way through transition. We all have them, of one kind or another. My writing addresses transitions and change, either by what I have learned personally or through reading those doing the research.

The 10 posts below are what resonated the most for you.  I invite you to browse through those you may have missed or re-read and share those that held some meaning for you.

1. The Busy Badge of Honour

This post takes a look at how society uses  busyness as a marker of  importance and  a measure of self-worth. It  also effectively keeps us from reflecting and fully exploring our life satisfaction.

2. Is Your Love Like Their Love?

This post explores the idea of love languages, or more specifically, how each of us understands the expressions of love. It outlines those languages and gives you some ideas about how to start connecting with your loved one in a way that “speaks” to them.

3. 7 Choices Keeping Your Life Stuck

When life isn’t heading in the direction you want, other activities or behaviours can keep you in a static loop. This post puts a spotlight on how  you consciously or unconsciously keep yourself from taking control of your life and creating the life you want to live.

  1. Are Old Stories Cheating You Out Of A New Story?

If you have ever said “I’m no good at that”, or “I don’t or can’t do that”, then this post is for you. Three examples of people accepting an invitation to try something new and the surprising things they learned by doing so.

  1. In Honour Of Other Mothers

This post is a tribute to those women who mother children and teens who come into their lives. Theirs is not within a legal description, but instead from the sidelines, offering wise counsel and open hearts to those who come into their lives.

  1. Ugly Baby Syndrome

If you have ever risked putting yourself out into the world with something you care about, this post is for you. Learning to allow vulnerability, follow your dream and not get side tracked by perfectionism.

7, Heads-up! The World Awaits Your Notice

No matter what time of the year it is, this post serves as a reminder of the benefits of noticing the natural world.

  1. How To Find Your Tribe

This post explores the qualities of those people you will rely on as you face those big transitions in life. It gives you some ideas about  the hows and whys of creating that tribe now. Researcher Brene Brown’s definition of empathy gives a starting point for those you bring into this very important inner circle.

  1. Why You Must Learn How To Receive And Give

We aren’t meant to go through the challenging times alone. I learned this the hard way, Brene Brown’s research backs it up. This post outlines what we stand to gain as the recipients of kindness and help.

  1. The Turmoil of Transition

A post to recognize and encourage all of us going through whatever transition we are currently facing. Life is change and in the messy middle part is the transition taking us from where and who we were, to now.

This is the last post for 2016 and I am looking forward to learning more, and bringing new ideas, thoughts and insights to you in 2017. Thanks for reading and Have a Happy New Year.

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