Frances’ people-centered motivational system moves mindsets to transform obstacles into opportunities

Where she experienced obstacles in her own life, Frances transformed those into opportunities to assist others. Beyond her formal education of a university degree (B.A.), specialized certificates as a Post Partum Doula, ESL teacher and Volunteer Manager, Frances is a successful entrepreneur.

Frances’ education was acquired in direct response to the obstacles she experienced personally and professionally, and wanted to transform for others.

  • Lacking support as a new mother, she became a Post Partum Doula.
  • Lacking business information and support for rural entrepreneurs she organized a networking group.
  • Travels abroad and not speaking the native language inspired her to acquire her ESL certification to assist those new to Canada.
  • Appreciating the human resource limitations and needs of non-profits, she became a Volunteer Manager.

Similarly, personal life choices were made based on obstacles that provided transformational changes and opportunities.

  • Guardianship of a niece and nephew following their mother’s death.
  • Lifestyle changes to overcome a back injury
  • Re-entry into entrepreneurship to serve the needs of those wishing to meet and overcome organizational and personal obstacles.

Now she brings the wealth of information from these pursuits to her audiences. The mix of knowledge and experiences in and out of the workplace has been invaluable to her understanding of the importance of attitude and beliefs as the fuel of personal leadership.

With her deep personal understanding of life and work challenges, Frances finds common ground with leaders and individuals wanting to make a difference in their workplace, home space and community.

My Story:

Every child has the right to expect to be loved unconditionally, but not every child receives that. The best analogy to Frances’ childhood and teens years is the story of the Ugly Duckling. Emotionally de-railed, her sense of personal self worth was battered and left her feeling of little value.

Despite her rocky emotional start, Frances discovered that her ability to connect with others, provide a listening and non -judgemental ear, is highly valued.

Since then, Frances has come to realize that obstacles are immense opportunities to become so much more than what we believe.

“While I would have preferred a more loving start to my life, I have come to see that each of us has a choice as to how we will deal with life’s inevitable challenges. I have learned how to face them and can teach others to do the same. “

Your Story:

Frances didn’t learn the power of personal leadership from her family, but rather through her interactions with others on her journey.

And that’s the message Frances ultimately brings to your audience – to look beyond what they think is possible for themselves, and dream big. To do more. Be more.

The only true obstacle, after all, is our own attitude – the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the people and situations around us.

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