How to Live a More Interesting Life

“To be more interesting, be more interested.” How interesting are you? Maybe more than you realize. Have you ever met someone who doesn't know something you take for granted knowing? I have. Sometimes, you don't know what you know, until you meet someone who doesn't...

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How Goal Clarity Increases Motivation

Goals are integral to moving from where you are to where you want to be, but beyond the stated outcome, what is the feeling outcome? This past week I had the pleasure to speak at a weight loss club, which is, as an organization, celebrating 70 years. Now that’s an...

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Why Remarkable Leaders Seek Insights At Every Level

Can you remember the last time you received encouragement to share your thoughts or insights with someone to whom you didn’t directly report? It feels good, like you are being seen for more than the role that you have been hired for. Even better when you are listened...

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9 Lives Living

When it comes to how we choose to live life, there are many options. Observe, participate. Hide, seek. Fully in, or waiting safely. It's always your call and what you choose today, doesn't have to be what you choose tomorrow. Here's to choice and the courage to keep...

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How to Create A Great Culture

Culture. Nations have them, communities, companies and even families all have them. Culture is a set of behaviours, the means of knowing who and what belongs. How to act and the way that decisions are made. Often, it is created without a lot of conscious thought. How...

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The Courage of Personal Evolution

A personal evolution wasn’t always as evident in pre-technology days. Now however, depending on the author and the platform, the before and after is far more visible. Which brings me to a very personal evolution,  found within the 100 plus blog entries on this site....

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