9 Lives Living

When it comes to how we choose to live life, there are many options. Observe, participate. Hide, seek. Fully in, or waiting safely. It's always your call and what you choose today, doesn't have to be what you choose tomorrow. Here's to choice and the courage to keep...

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How to Create A Great Culture

Culture. Nations have them, communities, companies and even families all have them. Culture is a set of behaviours, the means of knowing who and what belongs. How to act and the way that decisions are made. Often, it is created without a lot of conscious thought. How...

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The Courage of Personal Evolution

A personal evolution wasn’t always as evident in pre-technology days. Now however, depending on the author and the platform, the before and after is far more visible. Which brings me to a very personal evolution,  found within the 100 plus blog entries on this site....

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Adversity. Motivation To A Life Of Meaning

In the world of professional speaking, a lot of speakers under the umbrella of motivation get there because of very visible physical challenges. It is immediately obvious that the person on stage has every right to claim the title of motivational and even...

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Purpose and Passion and Vision, Oh My!

Finding your purpose, aka why am I here and what am I meant to do in this life is a perplexing question, especially if you’re not sure how to use your talents and skills. These days the answer most frequently given is “follow your passion”. But what does that really...

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My Mantra-Step Out, Step Up, Show Up

If I had a mantra, it would be step out, step up and show up. Over these last three years, those simple words keep me moving forward. As mantras go, I think it is a pretty good one, especially this last week. I am tired. Tired, but in a good way. Tired because I have...

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Blossoming, A Lifetime’s Work

Blossoming, a Christmas Cactus greeted me as I sat down at my desk this morning. A dainty pink bloom a cheery note on a grey December morning.  Immediately I thought of the occasion of receiving it and am reminded of how similar my life is to the blossoming of this...

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What’s Your Default Position?

Default position, that place where if we don’t think about it, we land again and again. Now this can be good – like our homes and loved ones, or it can be bad- eating junk food as our go to snack item. I am a strong believer in continuing to challenge ourselves, as...

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