Why Growing Means Learning to Say Goodbye

When I left my home province, I said goodbye, many of them. When I did, I didn’t realize exactly how big a move it was nor the internal shifts to come. This week, I’m present in the psychological shift my son and his partner are making in a continental move. From one...

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The Case For Introducing A Little Novelty

Novelty, and the willingness to try new things, is good for body and mind. While we might say we are perfectly happy sticking to our well versed and predictable patterns of behaviour, science tells us we might want to re-think that. We now know that besides...

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Is It Time To Own Your Life Stories?

How do you feel about your life stories? Do you even think about your life in terms of stories? As a speaker, I do. Following a recent speech for the members of a T.O.P.S group, I answered questions about a growth mindset. What it is and how it applies to different...

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How to Live a More Interesting Life

“To be more interesting, be more interested.” How interesting are you? Maybe more than you realize. Have you ever met someone who doesn't know something you take for granted knowing? I have. Sometimes, you don't know what you know, until you meet someone who doesn't...

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Why Remarkable Leaders Seek Insights At Every Level

Can you remember the last time you received encouragement to share your thoughts or insights with someone to whom you didn’t directly report? It feels good, like you are being seen for more than the role that you have been hired for. Even better when you are listened...

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