Moving forward, that has been the quiet mantra in my life over the past few years. I am coming up to an anniversary and just like others, there is time to pause and take stock.

In the past two years I have disassembled. That’s an interesting word isn’t it, disassembled?

To take apart, to break into pieces, to separate. It is a crucial part of the journey and while there are challenging moments, hours and yes, even days; the forward movement is a conscious one.

As I sit in my tiny kitchen, radio playing in the background, I can appreciate how much the forward movement has in fact enhanced my life. I have less things, part of the disassembly required. What I have found, recovered and reassembled are parts of myself I hadn’t realized were MIA. Well, actually it was the lack of action, the lack of forward movement that had caused some of the qualities to go missing or be missing. Things like confidence, self-assurance, and desire.

I know that I am not the only one who allows that to happen. Over dependence on another, a limited view of how to live life and becoming mired in patterns of behaviour keep us stuck and small.

Now, as I look back I know that what I make of my life is up to me. I define my boundaries and accept or put aside the things, people and experiences that will either enhance my life or put me back into neutral.

Moving forward means pushing past self-limiting patterns

Looking forward, moving forward means pushing past self-limiting patterns and peeking into a new vision of what could be. Ever the optimist I am planning on a bigger life. To create it will need determination, persistence and consistency. The more I do, well, the more I do.

Our lives, our very selves can appear as a jumble of unrelated parts, and no directions available. It is worth it, disassembly and re-assembly. Interestingly, each time we do, there are unexpected new versions we hadn’t realized were possible.

I have discovered that I can indeed rock some new, out there eye-wear and be more comfortable with my feminine side. Realizing too that I am made of pretty tough stuff and not likely to fold even when the weight of the world feels solidly on my shoulders.

So, I continue to put myself out there. Through my writing and engagement with the big old world. With you and with my friends new and old.

Thanks for contributing and being a part of my re-assembly during the journey of Frances Found. I hope you will find a thought or two that resonates, something that helps you move forward, or disassemble if that’s what is needed.

Oh yeah, if you feel moved to do so, leave a comment. Let me know about your journey.

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