Psst. Wanna know a secret? The best way to create the life you want, is to choose your experiences.

Does that sound too…easy? Or hard? Or vague?

I get we all have things we have to do, but there is a lot of time outside those responsibilities. How you spend the minutes, hours and days not defined by those responsibilities will directly impact how satisfied you are with your life.

What areas of your life need attention? What do you think is lacking and how will you get it?

I am on a mission to create more fun, spontaneity and confidence. Is there an experience that reminds me why I want more of that? You bet.

A spontaneous road trip

Picture two young women in their twenties, bored on a Friday night. Not interested in the bar scene, neither of us in relationships and just itching for something different. For no clear reason other than it entered our minds, I owned a car and we could, we thought a road trip was the perfect idea. We decided an impromptu trip to see friends in another province was the best idea ever. We didn’t pack, we had some cash and our credit cards. This was before cell phones, ATM s or roadside assistance. We gassed up the car and went – eight hours of music, talking and laughter. Miraculously our friends were home and good sports about us arriving on their doorstep. We still laugh about it.

As I have become more aware of how I spend my time and with whom, several things have become clear. First, the best times have been those in which there is some aspect, some story that has enlightened me, and which I pull out to remind myself of lessons learned. I may keep that to myself or may choose to  share it with others. Secondly, the experience lives long past the event and is memory worthy.

Your experiences are the threads of your life

The road trip isn’t just a great story, it is also one about seizing the moment and being okay with not knowing the outcome. Of believing things would work out okay and that we had nothing to lose in the doing of it.

It provides me a framework for what is possible now, and what I stand to gain by embracing that attitude again.

There are television shows I enjoy, but it is unlikely I am going to recall and share them in one, five or twenty years down the road. The entertainment value may exist, but it is fleeting at best.

Experiences however, they are memorable because of what happened within them and last long after the time in which they occurred. They are in fact, the threads of your life.

Experiences as Springboards

Life stories are a series of experiences and needn’t be expensive or involve travel or adventure. They can be found in the simplest scenarios and involve just one thing, something worth re-telling. It could be something you learned, something that surprised you about yourself or someone else. They can have deep meaning or be life changing or they can inspire wonder, peace or awe. They can set your imagination on fire or they can spark your curiosity. They can connect you with others who share them or be a defining moment that helps you make a decision.

If you are in the process of creating a new chapter, and there are so many in our lives, remembering experiences that have helped you on your path are worth exploring. They can also be great springboards for creating more of what you want.

Life is what we make it and experiences are the road to creating the who, what and how in our lives.

And yeah, that friend and I? Going on a similar road trip soon and can’t wait! Slightly better planned and with a change of clothes, but no telling what we will discover on our travels.

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