Part of my journey, well really the journey of finding Frances or Frances Found is what makes for me a life well lived. A fundamental part of that is in fact…fun.

I have this laugh that is, distinctive I suppose is the best word for it. I have some friends who tell me that hearing it cheers them up. What a great compliment.

The laugh though, it disappeared for more than a few months, perhaps longer. I realized that I missed laughing and laughter itself. Did you know that laughter is in fact good for your immune system? There’s even laughing yoga. Yes, I seem to acquire these tidbits of knowledge. At any rate, I decided that I was going to find my laugh and laughter again.

The first part of this was to acknowledge and accept that I can be very serious and intense, but I also have this whole other whimsical and slightly zany sense of humour. I love making plays on words and can definitely find humour when perhaps others do not.

I am currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. She breaks it down month by month and one of the areas that she talks about is the importance of play.

Finding fun through play

I couldn’t agree more. So then I think about what things bring me happiness, what playful things encourage the laughter in me? There was definitely a time when I drew a complete blank. To find it, I thought about happier times, what was I doing? I looked at the who, what, and where.

I also thought about play itself. As kids there was a fair bit more spontaneity. If I had my druthers, I would love it if I had a group of friends who would go out and do random things. Like maybe build snowmen near a retirement home. Just for the fun of it and to bring a surprise to the people living there. Okay, yeah sometimes I like to combine my fun with the chance I can bring a smile to someone else’s face. I find that fun.

What else? Friends and food, almost always some kind of fun will emerge.

I wonder about trying some childhood pursuits…I used to jump rope. I found “Double Dutch” – google it!, challenging. And there were songs with that. Need others willing to try.

Tobogganing – zipping down a hill and then the climb back up. I would spend hours on a winter afternoon bundled up and enjoying this simple activity.

That might be the key. Simplicity, spontaneity and I think throwing in some new things.

Fun is also about letting go of worry and just doing. Truly being in the moment and letting loose. Of not doing something perfectly, just doing it and accepting whatever occurs. Oh yeah, it is also about being willing to not take it too seriously and be able to laugh at yourself.

I will keep you posted on my fun and would love to hear what sets your laughter off.

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