Did you ever consider that life gives us intuitive clues about the direction we should pursue and it’s up to us to follow them? Sometimes we are laughably blind to the hints and signs that are so obvious to others.  Especially our traits, skills or qualities that make us special. I am as good an example of that as anyone. I think about my writing and all the times my soul stirred when reading about a writer and the process of writing. Intuitively I was getting the messages, and I felt the pull, but like many others, I resisted .

Resistance is something  understood by artists and written about by most personal development professionals. It shows up in different ways and with different messages. At the heart of it is fear. Sadly, fear often keeps us from pursuing  those intuitive clues. Lack of action keeps us from creating lives with a tremendous amount of enjoyment and satisfaction.

What I think is amusing, is that my subconscious has been poking at me for years. I have been writing in various ways and forms since I was a child. I entertained the notion as a teenager, but sidestepped it. The important thing now, is to not get lost in regret. Instead it is better to see the preceding years as a time of development and foundation building.

Small decisions often more important than the large ones

Recently, while listening to a lecture from author Carolyn Myss, a statement resonated. The small decisions are often more important than the large ones. The small decisions lead us from A to B to C. The adventure of creating this blog has been an important part of building a foundation, of making small decisions that continue to lead me down the path of where I want to be.

Learning to trust intuitive clues is a powerful lesson, one I would like to teach those of you who are on the fence about what to do next. We often look for the big neon arrow that says go this way, but the messages are so much more subtle. First we must be willing to use our feelings as a gauge to the truth of the clues. If they stir our excitement, get us dreaming and thinking about what is possible, it is another hint to follow that trail. Next comes doing some research, asking questions, finding resources.

I do want to be clear that the interest, skill or talent is not necessarily your vocation, but it could be an element of your life that has been waiting for expression. It is possible that it will lead you to new friends, most certainly will expand your knowledge and is most likely a part of a bigger and more satisfying life.

Apparently most blogs fizzle out after about 3 months. I am well past that and in just over a month I will celebrate a year of writing. That’s right, a whole year of weekly posts. Of, as author Steven Pressfield puts it, doing the work. This stage of showing up, every week and writing for you,  has been my own virtual classroom. A classroom of a commitment to writing and also, continued knowledge seeking, so that I can offer thoughts and ideas worthy of your attention.

Intuition, Action, Transition and yes…Fruition

This blog was created and is dedicated to transition. The truth of the matter is that as long as we are growing, we continue to be in transition. Some transitions are subtle and some are significant, but nevertheless they continue. At the heart of every transition is the necessary beginning of “taking apart”.  It is a confusing and painful part of the journey. Next is finding and putting together the new pieces of who we are and how we interact in the world. Then, finally, is bringing to fruition the many steps and actions you have taken to this version of you and your life.

Seeing things come together, feeling and appreciating all that has happened and the tremendous growth is very satisfying. So too is the knowledge that there will continue to be areas of growth available.  Other areas of our lives will come forward as places we need to push our boundaries. Intuition, that wee tickle in our bodies that says ” pay attention!” whispers in our ears. Once again,  action invites us to participate.

I find myself on the cusp of one of those intuitive action invitations. Heeding the call I  know that it will bring about yet more transition and a great adventure.  In the weeks and months to come, I will continue to write in my blog but I will also be developing the business that will be the foundation of all my writing ventures to come.No doubt there will lessons along the way that apply to us all, in one way or another. Be sure I will share those here, because I think all of us can and should help each other navigate this thing called life.

Move forward and the universe will help you on your way

As is often the way, as I move forward, the universe seems willing to help.  Each action brings into my world someone who has a piece of information, a resource or a desire to help in some way. The only thing that blocks my movement forward is me.

In a final and very personal note, this blog post comes from a place of respect for those people in my life who have gone before their time. People who passed with much of their song still inside. Their talents and their passing have served as a reminder to me that the time to act is now. While I intend to live past 100 there is much to do and no way to know if I have all the time needed to see my dreams through.

Thanks for reading along and if you have any comments about your experiences of following those intuitive clues to something bigger than you imagined, please share.