Crafting Clarity

There’s nothing worse than being lost in a sea of indecision and wondering what the right direction might be. Sometimes, all we need is a beam of light through the fog, to fill our sails and get us moving again.

In this focused, six -week consulting/mentoring package, you will fast track your thinking and make decisions about how you wish to move forward. Using a three-step process, this is for people looking to take action in one area of their life.

Over 6 weeks you receive:

  • 3 bi-weekly one hour in-person/online conversations
  • Up to 6 email check-ins, request feedback, gain clarity or extra support

Outcomes from Crafting Clarity:

  • Define the core problem/desire
  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Gain clarity to create your vision
  • Identify actionable goals
  • Reduce stress

By working with Frances, you can expect to deep dive into your question, be offered compelling ideas and have the time and resources necessary to identify next steps.

Bonus offer:

Become part of a closed Facebook Group with continued support from Frances and others in transition and making changes.
Find support and offer support, it’s a way to participate in the philosophy “Each one, teach one.” Share your knowledge and benefit others.

Purposeful Living

Are you a seeker? When we come to the natural conclusion of one path, we are faced with choosing a new one. How do we find the right path and who can we talk to about finding our personal right answer

Working with Frances is your chance to have the conversations you yearn to have. Many of us lack someone who is willing to “go there”. If you are looking for clarity, wishing to define your next chapter or make sense of what is happening right now, Purposeful Living is the program for you.

Over 12 weeks you receive:

  • 6 bi-weekly one hour in-person/online conversations
  • Up to 12 email check-ins, request feedback, gain clarity or extra support

Outcomes from Purposeful Living:

  • Values identification
  • Create a bigger picture
  • Learn to re-frame obstacles
  • Transform beliefs about what’s possible
  • Learn how to locate and build resources for the future
  • Increase happiness as you build your life of purpose

Bonus offer:

Following your program, you will be invited to join a closed Facebook group with other seekers to share resources and provide support. Frances moderates the group and joins the conversation from time to time.
Add your voice and benefit others on the path towards living a life of purpose.

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Crafting Clarity


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Purposeful Living


Fran’s ability to identify key issues, discuss multiple perspectives and provide solid recommendations helped me redefine myself while navigating a period of transition in my life. She asks the hard questions while her positive outlook and encouragement directs you to determine personal values, investigate alternatives and envision realizable goals. If you’re interested in being the driver rather than letting life just happen, I recommend Fran.

Michele S.


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