In our busy, technology filled days, it’s not a bad reminder that there is a world awaiting our notice.

Recently a friend chastised me for over doing the reading and thinking. What was I doing besides that they wanted to know. What can I say? I read, I think – therefore I am!

As annoying as I initially found the comment, I realized that I can indeed get lost in thought over the many books, articles and web blogs I read. I enjoy them and appreciate new ways of thinking about an old idea. Yet, I can become so consumed by those activities that I neglect to notice what is in front of me, or around me.

I think it is possible for all of us to lose ourselves, forget to take the time to see the broader aspects of our lives and the world around us. To neglect to stop and appreciate the beauty, the unexpected delights of colour, sound or people who are a part of our existence.

When I raised my head

So, in the spirit of “noticing”, here’s what has caught my attention and been a part of my world of late.

Wild turkeys meandering in the field abutting the back yard of the home where I was house sitting.

The stray cat that pokes its head from the opening in the barn, alert and curious to my activities and impervious to any of my attempts to make friends.

Frogs mating in the water atop the pool liner.

The deafening roar of the Spring Peeper frogs as they serenade would be mates.

The Robin that has awoken me every morning in its relentless pursuit to battle its mistaken foe in the window, aka its reflection!

The warmth of spring sunshine on my skin.


Driving with the car window down.

Fields of green winter wheat, noticeable carpets before the trees erupt into foliage.

The natural world is and has always been my antidote to the stress and challenges of everyday living. The health benefits – mental, physical and yes even spiritual lift my energy for hours and days to come.  Life is bursting around me and I might have missed much of this, had it not been for one friend willing to say – heads-up. The momentary feelings of annoyance are gone and in their wake, gratitude for the reminder.

I’d love to hear what’s catching your notice. Share in the comments below.

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