Have you ever watched a young child when they are out in the natural world? Everything is new and everything is yet to be discovered. Young children don’t get bored, because they are curious and for them everything is a new adventure.


What does it matter, why would you want it and how do you get it?

Curiosity is what greases the inner world towards discovery; of yourself and also of how and what you have to contribute to the world.

If you have ever thought or said the following, your curiosity might need a tune up.

“There has been no good music since ________.” “I don’t go to those festivals/events/plays because I don’t have anything in common with those people.”.

Don’t, won’t and never all have one thing in common, they are prime ways to kill curiosity and an excellent way to create a narrow and lackluster  life.

Trying new things opens you up

Trying new things, going to new places (even in your own city) is the gateway to finding new gems and new forms of pleasure. Creating new first times can be exhilarating. They can also provide the fodder for new conversations and new ideas. Trying new things is not a commitment to doing that thing again, it is simply a matter of opening up to the world around you.

I don’t own a motorcycle, nor do I own any leather clothing, however one of the things I am curious about is a local Friday the 13th motorcycle gathering. Whenever those two elements come together owners and the curious converge on the small town of Port Dover, Ontario. I am unlikely to own a motorcycle, although never say never! Yet, it could be a great way to people watch and see what there is to see. As a writer, observation is a great skill and quite fun as well.

Curiosity is about seeing, doing and asking questions. You may ask questions of others or you may reflect for yourself. If you were uncomfortable how were you uncomfortable? By the way, being uncomfortable is an invitation to look more closely at where fear resides. Is it because it challenges your way of thinking, of what you think you are capable of or of what interests you? Does it rub up against who you think you are and who you might be, were you to participate in the event or place?

 Developing a sense of wonder, of being open to the world and noticing what you previously walked by all foster curiosity and in turn that nurtures your soul.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but the lack of it can kill your spirit. Get out there, be curious, ask questions, live life!

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