The day is here, Mother’s Day, in which flowers and cards and breakfasts and hugs and school made presents are given. Bestowed in small and great ways and almost exclusively to biological or adoptive mothers. I am here to say, Happy Mothers Day to the Other Mothers.

The Other Mothers are those who may or may not have children of their own. Yet, to varying degrees, provide the love and emotional support to children and teenagers who have entered their lives.

They can be the neighbour, a mother’s friend, an aunt or a coach/teacher/instructor, co-worker or boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parent. These women, ah these are the women who are the second mothers. Who are sounding boards and safe havens, safe zones and wisdom givers, perspective teachers, kindness coaches and love. They keep the communication channels open in the tumultuous world of  adolescence.  And, sometimes they  help young women understand their mothers better.

Unsung Heroines

The Other Mothers are the village and the unsung heroines of our complicated world.

You are the second set of ears, eyes and hands, keeping our kids on track. Offering guidance and repeating our messages to minds that might be closed to us just then.

You keep the tenuous webs of connection open, allowing our children to find their way back to us when the time is right. Rather than competing for our love,  you enrich and strengthen and maintain when everything feels it could be lost.

Other mothers feel the joy of connection and the sadness of rejection.

They tend the hearts and minds and spirits of our children, whatever their age.

To you, to all of you who have mothered children not your own, I wish to thank you for all you give and have given.