Look for the lesson in every situation, there is one if we are willing to seek it out.
I am coming up to another anniversary in February. February 1st to be precise. It is etched in my mind because it was the start of the chapter of my life where chronic pain started. I didn’t know that then and I sure didn’t know that it would change so much of my life or even how I looked at my future .

That was almost three years ago. Huh. Time flies, well kind of . Sometimes, when the pain was barely tolerable and I really did contemplate how and why I would want to continue living if things persisted as they were, time crawled.

I am happy to say that while I have pain, it is not my whole world. It isn’t the minute by minute, when can I take the next pill to make this better.
I recall thinking in the early days, when this is better, when I am better, I will have a new found empathy and compassion for people with chronic pain. Well that hasn’t changed!

Companions in compassion

I’ll tell you what I have learned and what I do appreciate are the people who have traveled some of that road and say to me, “It really increased my patience, empathy and compassion for the people I work with.” Most recently this was said to me by a man in his 20’s who is the latest of the practitioners I am seeing to try and become healthier, to heal my body. I was so touched by both the attitude and demeanor of this man. He had learned and it was evident in how he talked to me and taught me.

Not only that, he made mention of the fact that there is something to be learned in every situation and circumstance. I nodded appreciatively. I couldn’t agree more.

The gift of gratitude

It would be great if we were better at acknowledging the good stuff in the time that it is happening. That’s where the gift of appreciation and gratitude come in. Practice it on a daily basis and lessons like the time taken to view a stunning sunset can give us that feeling of – I am glad I know when to stop and take this in. That is a lesson learned. So too is the good feeling of having had a difficult conversation that led to greater understanding or connection.

Lessons learned, the important ones, are those that leave us changed, for the better. That connect us and enrich our lives.

I am fortunate and do lay claim to lessons that have been either painfully acquired or those that have just stopped me in my tracks because of the sheer beauty. Both have grown me as a person.

We do have a choice of course, as to whether we decide to look for and learn from the lesson, or whether we choose to remain, exactly as we are. I guess you know where I stand.
I’d love to hear about your journey of finding the how to of life lessons.

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