When reading a book of fiction the characters all have a back story, some of it is told during the actual story, but mostly you just know it’s there. The story itself, the problem and how it is overcome is what draws us in. Have you ever thought of your life in this way? Until you start to face your unique challenges and opportunities, you may have inadvertently cast yourself in a bit part as opposed to the main character you really are.

     I always admired the friends who knew exactly what they were going to do job wise, where they were going to point their sail and make a name for themselves. Impressed by their goal setting and drive to get it done, my goals, my dreams seemed too…far out. Creativity isn’t widely encouraged as a life goal, more a hobby than a career.  So I settled on safe and traditional, which worked, until it didn’t.

Bit players drift, main characters set their direction

     As a bit player we can drift, waiting for a sure sign that the direction we are going is the right one. Or we may start down a path and realize it’s not the one for us. Ignoring our intuition we continue on, because it is the safe or expected way to go. For others, we  create only a part of our lives, attending to the exterior and forgetting about the interior. Regardless, there will be, as  in any of the great stories, a challenge or series of challenges to be faced.

     Recently several friends have shared this or a similar sentiment, “I’m afraid I put my ladder up against the wrong building.” Many career milestones achieved, but at a huge personal cost resulting in mental or physical illness. There is a sense of grief at having chosen the wrong thing or not enough of the right things. Or, there are health issues, loss of a loved one, empty nest, a deteriorating relationship or even retirement .

     Regardless of what brings you to the tipping point, once you acknowledge it, there are two options. Step back and disown your desire to be more present in the world. Or, step in and begin the work of creating a new version of yourself and your life.

     Choosing to step in, that first step, is one of the most profound that you will make. It is not without challenge and sometimes even heartache and pain, but what awaits you as you reach further and further into what can be, is breathtaking.

Main characters don’t go it alone

     So, how do you start? Find your tribe. That’s right. Not all friends and family will get it. They don’t have to, only you will know what is truly at stake. There are people and places, such as here at Frances Found, that have traveled some of the journey you are about to embark on. You are not required to do this alone, nor should you. In the posts to come, you will find stories, ideas, resources and more to help you along your way.

Welcome to the story of your life and on becoming a truly interesting main character.

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