The power of crafting a culture of personal leadership

Focus: team-building, employee engagement, employee appreciation/motivation
Format: opening or closing keynote; half-day workshop; breakout session

How much better would our work and personal lives be if we knew how to create our own philosophy of personal leadership. Our own foundation guiding our decisions and actions and those we lead?

Is it time to change what you believe is possible to achieve through your talents or of those you lead? Do you know how to encourage growth, foster engagement and transform limiting beliefs? Personal leadership is the road to engagement in and out of work, do you know what it is and how to develop it? 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how vision & values = direction
  • Recognize limiting beliefs and how to change them
  • Transform knowledge silos into a shared growth mindset
  • Re-frame obstacles into opportunities
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen connection and belonging

Organizational Benefits include:

  • Increased engagement and a happier work culture
  • A more positive and productive environment
  • Improve employee retention and satisfaction


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That speech hit home. It’s taken a long time to move past, but I have made progress. This kind of speech is going to be central to youth & millennials. Keep sharing your message.

Elias P.

The understanding that I alone have the power to live the life I want. That personal leadership is understanding what you want from life and then taking the steps to get there.

Jen K.

She was interesting, humorous at times, empathetic, and held everyone’s attention. The presentation certainly touched on a lot of points that TOPS tries to impress on members – that to succeed with our weight loss journey we must change our habits, our mindsets, and be open to new concepts and ways of doing things. Linda Bolton

Leader, TOPS ON5316 Strathroy

Change Your Stories, Change Your World

How organizations benefit in crafting cultures of personal growth

Focus: leadership, for leaders, personal leadership
Format: opening keynote, workshop


More than ever, people are seeking purpose and the connection between what they do and who they are.

The problem

Companies assume that employees know how to define goals and have the confidence to ask for the resources they need to move ahead.


The result

Employees miss opportunities to grow and companies fail to retain skilled employees.

Personal growth invites individuals to be more, contribute more in their own lives and in those of their workplaces. Successfully doing so means letting go of some stories of who we are and what we are capable. When that happens, there is space for new stories to be created. And, this is as true in organizations as it is in individuals.

Everyone benefits when the opportunity to grow is available.

Is your organization poised to make that happen? To help lead and grow people, and your organization, into becoming their best versions?

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Understanding what personal growth is, and isn’t
  • Learning the benefits of fostering a growth mindset
  • Reframe and re-define failure as the means to greater growth
  • Increased knowledge of how to create a resilience mindset

Combining stories from her own journey of transformation, Frances has developed a series of strategies for enhancing connection and shared purpose. From childhood bullying through to a series of adverse adult events, she shares her insights about personal and workplace challenges.  You’ll learn how to apply these techniques in your own life and how to help others in theirs.

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Loved the choice of topic! If we can all just get ahold of that negative self-criticism, we’d get so much farther ahead!
Pam G

The presentation was very well received by all of our members who were present for it. I would definitely recommend Frances to other groups.
Linda B.

I believe people are hungering for connection, and authentic connection includes our own willingness to be vulnerable. Definitely not easy, but desperately needed and wholly worthwhile. Yes, your story was authentic – and worth telling.

Sheila Stevenson

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Book Frances for the ‘Change Your Stories’ Keynote Speech


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