A friend who is also a writer, said once, “When you take the chance of showing your creative baby to the world, the fear is that someone will say- wow, ugly baby.” It’s a risk, as is anything that you care about. It’s not just about doing it right, it’s about doing it “good enough”.

       I don’t know about you, but I find the biggest obstacle at making a significant change or doing something that I care about, is what happens in my head. Negative Nelly I call her. She talks to me in ways I would never think to say to someone else. She challenges me with the not good enough spiel, or what do you have to offer that has any value? Or when really crafty, feeds the fear of choosing the wrong thing in which to place my attention and effort. Because you know, it has to be worthy.

      I know I am not the only one that feels this way, because I have talked to countless smart, talented people who talk about spinning their wheels and not moving forward. It happens for any number of reasons, often because we are still tapped into what other people will think. Is it a worthy enough goal? It’s as if we are stuck in the high-school mindset of what will other people say? This is not to say it happens in every corner of our lives, just the ones where we feel the vulnerability of showing our whole self.

“Perfectionism (aka fear) is a road block to being the person we could be.”

      Author and researcher Brene Brown, talks about perfectionism, among other things, as a road block to being the person we could be. The authentic and genuine person that others actually want to know and are able to connect with. The person that is enough, as is, and as such can move mountains and create a full and meaningful life.

       So often, too often, we feel alone and there is no need for that. Put aside the fear of showing up in your life. Consider surrounding yourself with the people and information that will help you get to where you want to be. You can indeed move from, is this it? To this is it, and this is it, and this is it – one step at a time.

      This post is a dedication of sorts, to having the courage to be seen as I pursue a long held dream. It is knowing that I am opening myself to others opinions – good, bad and possibly ugly, and not allowing them to keep me from reaching out and helping others on their journey.

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