Do you have a role in synchronicity? Well first, it wouldn’t seem you have one. Isn’t synchronicity all about random events that just…happen? Like the call you receive from a friend you have been thinking about? Or the subject of a blog post that then seems to show up in conversations or books or a movie?

It’s hardly as if you have any control, or at least not a conscious one. Here’s the thing though, you do.

Where you put your thoughts, is where your attention and your energy flow. Take for instance the blog post subject and the book. If you are thinking about how to make positive personal change, then you will be seeking out books and articles and documentaries to help you along your way. Within those choices, you may find some overlap of ideas. What is remarkable and the piece of synchronicity that’s hard to explain, is when the particular thought comes across your line of vision over and over again in a matter of days. You turn the page and there it is, or you follow a hyper-link on a marginally related web post and it takes you to the exact thing you were thinking about.

Then there are the people interactions.  You want to meet more people interested in a topic you want to explore and you meet someone at a social function  involved in that subject. Or perhaps you have struggled with a decision and the information or an unexpected conversation with someone  occurs to help you on your way.

Consider this recent example in my life.

Last week another friend told me she was moving away. My meeting and subsequent friendship with her had been its own synchronicity marvel, which is a tale for another time. I was happy for her, yet knew I was going to miss our thoughtful and in-depth conversations. I left our coffee date feeling despondent, wondering how I was going to fill this new friendship hole.

On the weekend the walking/hiking group I joined was going to go for an urban walk in a nearby city park. This seemed a great chance to meet some new people, but the forecast was for rain and the option to stay in my cozy apartment was appealing. I resisted the pull to stay home and said yes to the opportunity for something new. The result was that and more. Over the course of our 8 km walk, I met someone who shares my propensity for chatting about personal growth, spirituality and then, yes, even synchronicity. Her daughter is facing a life challenge as she prepares to give birth to a baby with Down’s syndrome. My job? Volunteer coordinator at a local riding facility for people with disabilities.

Saying yes is the way to invite the new and unknown into your world. Doing the same old thing, results in more of the same old thing. My friend moving will mean one less person in my rather small, close range friendships. One less person to go out for an impromptu coffee or lunch or walk. One more gap if I allow it.

The prevailing factor around synchronicity is the openness to new and unknown. Of creating intentions or desires and then saying yes to opportunity.

If you want a more interesting and more surprising life, then it requires you to start stepping more into what is on offer. Thinking of a friend? Call them. Have an idea floating about your mind? Research it. Wondering about a new activity? Try it out. Say yes and prepare to see where synchronicity takes you.

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