Sometimes, to complete your dreams, you must do less to do more.  You’ve heard me say it before and it bears repeating now, sometimes you just have to re-evaluate and decide what you will or won’t do. Every time you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. For those of us  more accustomed to putting others first and  ourselves second, it can be a stretch to re-position and decide what is possible.

That’s the place I have found myself over the last several weeks. From dreams of self publishing a children’s story to a future book for adults, re-adjusting priorities is becoming critical. Weekly writing for the blog has developed an incredible work ethic and professionalism. Which is why I am writing at 11:30 p.m. on subsequent evenings so I can post on time.

Each of us is given 24 hours

Each of us is given 24 hours and within that we choose how we apportion it. I largely gave up television two years ago. Not totally, because yes I still choose to watch some movies or series when I need a mental break. However, between my paid employment, regular household chores and the elements of a healthy life, a re-evaluation of how to spend my time arrived. It is a part of any of our lives, if we continue to grow and change.

The question I asked myself was how to continue this first dream and build in others.  The writing for the blog is too important for me to walk away from, yet must I do it every week? Since I care about giving my best effort, every week, there is a time negotiation to make it all happen. In fact, from sitting down to write to the push of “publish” it is about eight hours. This is done in the evenings, after work, meals and other obligations. I do it for me, and for you.

The practice of weekly writing is enormously beneficial to me personally and I believe to you too, but for different reasons. Now, I am pushing myself, once again to stretch my wings and follow a dream. The writing continues and there is much learning to come. From researching editors and finding illustrators, to becoming familiar with the self publishing sector, there is no moss growing here.

To dream, perchance to live

To modify Shakespeare’s quote I would say “to dream, perchance to live”. By following my dreams, I  continue to become more completely myself.  I am discovering parts of myself I didn’t know existed. It is exhilarating and fun and just a little frightening all at the same time. If there is a gift I could give (and in the spirit of Valentine’s it really is from the heart), it is the dual gifts of curiosity and following your dreams. Both make life a pretty fantastic journey.

I will write for the blog, but reduce my posts to every other week. I hope you will continue to enjoy what I bring to the table and definitely would like to hear from you. Either about your experiences of moving into a new phase of your life (yes, transitions abound!), new adventures you are undertaking or any of your aha moments. Life is too juicy to keep it all to yourself.

Thank you for the privilege of continuing to write and share my insights and ideas with you. Together we will follow life’s journey and the many transitions from here to wherever “there” is. As I said at the beginning of this writing journey, “transitioning you ( and me) from, is this it? to this is it! Be assured, transitions from one point to the next will continue, as long as we keep engaging with the world. It is within the process of transition that we must choose wisely and from time to time,  do less, so we can do more.

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